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jeudi 7 décembre 2017, par Webmaster

One of the main services provided by EcoPlastic is the recycling of used plastic in the city of Kigali, as well as the country in general. Through partnerships with individuals, businesses and the government, EcoPlastic gains access to used plastic that will be turned into new raw materials.
Suppliers include :

1. Companies that collect household waste
2. Individuals that collect plastic waste
3. Businesses (restaurants, hotels, etc.)
4. Hospitals
5. Airports

Once this waste arrives at the factory, it goes through a process of sorting, washing, drying before the actual recycling process begins. This involves crushing the plastic, heating it with additives, cooling it in water (rainwater used and recycled to the extent possible) and finally cut in pieces. The recycled raw material then serves as primary input for the new production process, thus ensuring a minimal impact on the environment from the necessary use of plastic that still exists in Rwanda.

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