About Us

Who we are


EcoPlastic is one of Rwanda’s leading companies in plastic recycling and the production of new plastic products. Since 2010 it has provided both the service of plastic recycling to the citizens of Rwanda as well as plastic products for areas of usage where they cannot yet be replaced by bio-degradable materials.

EcoPlastic produces a number of different products for use in various sectors, including agriculture, construction and industrial production. For more information about our products, see the dedicated section for products.

Work Culture

Our Mission

Providing recycling services, and innovative and ecofriendly plastic products.


Our Vision

To become the leading company in plastic waste recycling, production and environment management


Our Values

EcoPlastic delivers high quality, innovative and safe products that meet customers’ needs, and always strive to improve. Among our values is the commitment to offering excellent quality and services, the prioritization of always delivering products in a timely manner, and the fostering of good client relationship through effective communication. Finally, we value good citizenship, and believe everyone should do their part to safeguard the environment.